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About Greg Rostami

By Geoffrey Williams

I met Greg back in the days when we were both first exploring the magic of computers as tools for communication and creating visual effects. I thought then and still think that he is a genius. I just did not realize until we reconnected recently that his genius extends beyond the realm of technology into the realm of magic, a love of which we both developed at an early age.

He began as so many of us have- he got a Svengali Deck at 10, and moved on to performing for audiences at the age of 16. In college, he took advantage of what was a great training ground for magicians- working at Hollywood Magic. There he shared ideas and learned from Earl Nelson, Christopher Hart, Doug Malloy, and others.

I knew him primarily as someone who could make computers do miracles. He began using them to develop special effects for film and television long before many even knew that such things were possible with personal computers. 

From the ages of 20 to 24, Greg created graphics for animation projects, flying logos, on screen playback of monitors for sci-fi movies, and games. He broke into the big leagues with a job for Dream Quest working on a ride film project called Space Shuttle America. 

For many, working on computer special effects for films such as Batman Forever, Outbreak, Species, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Deep Blue Sea, and Mortal Combat would be enough. Not for Greg. Always an innovator, he went to work for EDS Digital Studios where he developed technologies to digitally restore films, including Gone with the Wind. 

In 1999, he built the world’s first all Digital transfer process for Disney's animated features.  His work on Tarzan changed the way Disney viewed electronic distribution, and was a critical element in the emerging E-Cinema technologies.

Today, Greg continues to contract special effects and animation projects. The same innovation and genius that has made a name for him in the special effects realm comes through in his magic as well. 

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