Here's what professional magicians say about iForce

"I've seen all of the magic apps for the iPhone. iForce is the only app I've seen that I'd consider performing.

When you see all of the possibilities iForce opens up, you will be stunned and so will your spectators.

The interface Greg and his team have created is stunning. It's dead simple to customize iForce for anybody.

Honestly, iForce is much too good to release.

iForce is a truly professional product. Highest recommendation."
- Bob Kohler   Creator of  "Aces In Their Faces"  "Prime Cut"  "Human Phone Number"

"The bar has been raised! "
"What Greg has come up with is beyond words when it comes to bringing that moment of astonishment to the world. NOW they will BELIEVE that YOU are doing the magic and not your techy device ... bravo dear sir bravo!
- Justin Miller   Creator of  "Silver Dream", "Captured", "Dante's Peak", "Smile"

"This is the best iPhone app yet!
With iForce the credit goes to the performer/spectator where it belongs. Great work Greg!
- Robert Smith   Creator of  "Digital Conviction"  "Universal Impression"  "Wounded"

iForce is simply BRILLIANT. I have many magic apps but iForce is heads and shoulders above them all." 
- Marc Spelmann    Creator of  "Glimpse 20/20"  "The Acquaintance" 

“iForce is just AWESOME! Greg’s video instructions are very enjoyable. He seems very personable, and like a really great guy.
Ideas are over FLOWING my brain since downloading it.
- Peter Loughran    Master of Illusions, Creator of countless stage and close-up illusions

"It's awesome! Really clever method, and super innocent-looking. People are gonna love this. Well worth the asking price."
- Kevin Reylek    Creator of  "Bicycle Lefty Deck"

"I love the endless freedom iForce offers. It's just WAY TOO GOOD.
Great job Greg and Randy -- NOW  PLEASE RAISE THE PRICE!
- Ben Harris    Creator of  "ENLIGHTENMENT"   "SLINK"   "Crossroads"   "Cosmosis"  "Hole in the Head"

"I think iForce is one of the most useful things I've got my hands on in a long time. I wish he would charge $100 for it.
- Joshua Quinn   Creator of  "ParaLies" 

"Very smart and practical. Having lots of fun with iForce."
- Brian Platt    Creator of  "Blackout!"   "Catapult!" 

"iForce is a very nicely put together app. Plenty of options for a scope of performances and enough content to keep any magician happy. One of the best and most organic apps I have seen yet. Bravo."
- Alan Rorrison  Creator of  "Night and Day"   "Misleading Mislead" 

"WOW! What an application! I have so many ideas running through my head. I will enjoy creating different effects with it!"
- Christopher Williams

"This is a great app. The only magic application I am going to use for my iPod."
- Jeff Prace

"This is a brilliant application for the iPhone. It is clever and flexible and quite possibly the best of its kind out there. Bravo!"
- Philemon Vanderbeck

"It is AMAZING !
If you have an iPhone you must have this application. The idea behind it is so clever and so deceptive that nobody will ever discover it, and it is open to all the routines available in your fantasy.
Congratulations Greg!
- Dave Roland

"I am blown away. You really have exceeded my expectations with this. I love the fact that you can create a custom effect. I had my daughter think of a pet and it blew her away when I predicted what pet she was thinking of . . . I then did it again.  Fantastic."
- Dan Blast

"Absolutly wicked. So many possibilities and completely undetectable. The best of the awesom magic apps out.
- Jamie Daws

"Wow, this application is brilliant. Can I say that this might be the best $3.00 that I ever spent!"
- Jared DuBois

"Bought this as soon as I heard it came out, and WOW, the possibilities are endless. Great thing is there are multiple methods, and each of them cancels the others out. I'm so excited to start performing this
- Shek