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iForce Ideas and Effects

This is a list of ideas that have been submitted by our users.  As more people use iForce, this list will grow with new ideas.  ENJOY.
Greg Rostami

Ask a spectator to imagine taking a trip to anyone of the 7 continents.
Draw a prediction on the iPhone.
Then ask "What continent did you visit?"
Reveal your amazing prediction . . .
weapon - Magic Cafe

Predict the Planet that someone is thinking of.
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn . . .
weapon - Magic Cafe

Use the 3 coin preset. Do this with 3 old style quarters (the ones with the eagle on the tail side).

Put your left hand face down on the table and ask them to put the coins, one at a time under your hand, while you look away.

Every time they slide the coin under your hand, reposition it while saying, "I'll put this all the way to the left, so we'll have room for the other coins."

Under the cover of your left hand, rub the top of the coin with your right index finger to FEEL if it's heads or tails.

After the last coin, immediately flip the iPhone over, and DRAMATICALLY raise your left hand off the table to show the coins.
Greg Rostami

Ask your spectator if they know their blood type.

If they do, you show that you knew it as well.

"You smelled like an AB-,"
You say as you lick your lips, exposing the barest flash of fangs as you do so.
Philemon Vanderbeck - Magic Cafe

Ask "Of all the scary movies during Halloween, who scared you the most? Freddy, Jason, etc . . . "

Flip your iPhone over and say,
"I knew it . . . I'll make sure to put <HIM> in your nightmare tonight."  :-P
Greg Rostami

At an Apple Store . . .

"I bet I can predict which Apple product you'll point out . . ."
Have them point to any Apple product they want . . . computer or iPod.

Reveal your results with "I knew it, you've been eying that iMac ever since you came in!"
Greg Rostami

Predict the month that someone was born . . .

"We've never met, right? . . . it's easy to guess how old you are, but the MONTH of your birth is a challenge . . ."

Look deeply into their eyes . . .
"You were born in the first half of the year."

If they say "yes" then say "I thought so" and choose a preset with the first 6 months.

If they say "no" then say "I didn't think so" and choose a preset with the last 6 months.

Draw your prediction . . . have them reveal the month . . . flip over the iPhone . . . and wait for the gasp!!

Pssst . . . You can also do this for their Astrological sign. TONS of FUN!!
Greg Rostami - Justin Miller - Philemon Vanderbeck

Use iForce with John Kennedy's Mind Power Deck.  If you own the deck you'll know what I mean.

This is so powerful that you can start a religion with it.
Greg Rostami

Have a spectator imagine any coin (Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter) flips it. Heads or Tails?

Your prediction not only guessed which coin but HEADS OR TAILS too !!!
weapon - Max Maven's "Positive Negative"

Sometimes joke with your audience by saying,
""I used to waste paper for predictions, but now I've gone 'GREEN'!"
"Ever since iPhones came out, I can perform mentalism in an environmentally conscious way."  ;-)
Greg Rostami

Play a game of tic tac toe and predict each and every move of the other person in advance. VERY COOL!!
waso - Magic Cafe

Ask someone to think of any two digit number less than fifty with two different ODD digits . . .  there are only eight: 13, 15, 17, 19, 31, 35, 37, and 39.   ;-)
lumberjohn - Magic Cafe

Use the Al Koran deck with iForce . . . Once again if you have a Koran deck, you'll know why this gets great reactions . . . and the reveal is the card . . . NOT the iPhone.
Greg Rostami

Here's an idea for the kids . . .
Have them choose their favorite of the 7 Dwarfs. You can add Snow White as an 8th option.
For girls, you can have a preset full of Disney Princesses.
Kevin Reylek - Magic Cafe

At the soft drink self serve station . . .
"I bet I can predict which soda the next person will choose . . . I'll write it on my iPhone." ;-)

It doesn't matter if the next person chooses Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, etc . . . You'll always WIN!!
Randy Croucher

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