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iForce - Infinite Mentalism . . . ONE App. 
iForce (codename: Doodle)
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Eric's Honorable Mentions:
"I get a kick showing iForce to the unsuspecting masses."  - Eric

STUCK! The most BIZARRE coin through hand!

iForce is a diabolical magic app that is cleverly disguised as a simple "Doodle" program.

Launch "Doodle" and show how you like drawing quick notes with your finger.

It seems simple enough . . .
but if they only knew . . .
Beneath this innocent exterior is the most powerful and stealth magic technology.

Get ready to ASTONISH with your amazing psychic powers.

" I'm getting an iPhone because of iForce   . . .  it's that good! "

  - Bob Kohler

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Some screen grabs from iForce
iForce Screen Grabs

Here are a few of the infinite effects that you can perform with iForce.
➤ Read minds  . . .
Ask someone to think of a color, favorite food, day of the week, etc . . .

For example she’s thinking of her favorite type of food . . . she’s thinking Sushi  (Remember she’s only THINKING Sushi!)

After a deep look into her eyes, you write what she’s thinking on the iPhone display using the "Doodle" app, and leave it face down on the table.

The moment she reveals her favorite food, (by whispering it to you) you smile triumphantly. When the iPhone is flipped over, her jaw drops when she sees that . . .
YOU had written “Sushi” on the display!!


 ➤ Predict the future . . .
This can be the outcome of a sports game, coin toss, dice, etc.

Borrow 3 coins. Announce that you can predict the orientation of ALL 3 coins.

After some intense concentration, write your prediction on the iPhone and leave it face down on the table.

The 3 coins are randomly mixed and placed on the table from left to right. When the iPhone is turned over,
the Heads and Tails of each coin is written in perfect order!!

➤ Force your will . . .
Demonstrate your power to subconsciously control anyone.

Draw an arrow on the face of your iPhone and then proceed to quit the app without clearing the drawing.

Place the iPhone face up on the table. Put your hand on her shoulder and ask her to move her finger in a circle around the iPhone.

Announce that you can FORCE her to stop moving exactly where you had drawn the arrow.

She stops her movement . . . your smile grows to a huge grin . . . she launches the Doodle App and gasps . . .
YOUR drawn arrow is pointing at her finger!!

iForce Ideas & Effects

  Most of the other magic Apps on the iPhone make the iPhone look like the magician.
But with iForce, YOU are the magician.

Your spectators believe that the iPhone has absolutely NOTHING to do with the magic. YOU'RE the one with the magical powers; the iPhone is simply "pen and paper".

With iForce, ANYTHING that you can draw or write on the screen can be your prediction . . . The possibilities are endless.


     Features of iForce:   
• iForce is the ONLY magic product that allows you to create CUSTOM effects instantly.

• Easy to do . . . learn with both written and video instructions.

• iForce comes with several amazing effects that you’ll perform immediately .

• Everything can be fully examined before and after the performance .

• The iPhone never leaves the sight of your audience.

• No voice recognition (you can perform 100% SILENT).

• No wireless communication used (you don’t need another iPhone/iPod to perform).

• No compass used . . . Works with ALL iPhones/iPod Touches.

• Impossible to detect the secret  (since you’ll learn the Deepest Darkest Secret in Magic )

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